Chaos Friday!

Chaos releases on Friday! I’m super excited to finally share the story of how these two special characters, Helen and Julian, find each other and fall in love. When I started the novel, I developed Helen Ficklesham first. I tried to pick a character that was as far from my own personality as possible. Kind of like what George does in Seinfeld when he makes the opposite choice of whatever he normally would do? Hey, if it worked for George Costanza…

Helen was easy and so much fun to write. But of course, the deeper I got into her character, the more complex she became. She comes into her own in this story, going from “Ficklespaz” as she calls herself in dark moments, to a young woman who owns her choices, good and bad. I love that she says what’s on her mind, even if it lacks complete coherency. She’s not one to sit back and wait for the right moment, which often gets her in trouble. I wish I had more of Helen’s optimism. Even when she’s down, she’s not out. Giving up doesn’t occur to her. She will always do something to fix a situation. It just might not be the right thing. It was a delight to create Helen’s imperfections. She’s not always honest, has a spiteful edge at times, and doesn’t think twice about using her body to get what she wants. But she has a good heart despite her faults, and that’s what hooks Julian.

Next time: Julian’s evolution

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