Eleven Days until the release of Chaos Conquers All!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that the release of my first book Chaos Conquers All is right around the corner on September 19. I’ve had mixed feelings about releasing my baby to the big bad world. On one hand, I’ve lived with these characters for such a long time (an embarrassingly long time—years) and they are dear to me, so I worry about whether or not readers will ‘get’ them. On the other hand, I want readers to have the same pleasure I’ve had getting to know them.

As a romance reader myself, I have favorite books I reread for comfort. My literary Valium. The choices might not make sense to anyone else, but they hit me in a sweet spot and my whole body relaxes. When I filled my bookshelf over at Goodreads, I had a chance to reflect on a few of my go-to reads. Some are wince-worthy oldies (Anne Stuart’s Night of the Phantom…) and some are new discoveries (Alisa Kwitney’s Dominant Blonde). I hope that my book makes it onto another reader’s comfort shelf!

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