Author’s Inspirations

9/28/14 Today’s inspirations are helpful people on the internet who know their $h!t. I had a wonderful web man put together my website, but some things a girl’s got to figure out herself. So, I troll the internet. Not for porn (at least not today) but for help with WordPress and Facebook. Now my website’s even more lur-vel-ly! Thanks people!


9/13/14 Today’s inspiration is my crit group Crit Divas. We have been together for several years and they are wonderful. We support each other with wine, chocolate and kind but straight-to-the-jugular crits. Today they brought me cake, two pashmina shaws and helped me with my MailChimp. Cheers to my Divas and Divo!


9/8/14 Today’s inspiration is my pair of coral platform sandals that I ordered online.  When they arrived they had a warning label that some materials used are known to the state of California to cause cancer. Great, I thought.  But then I decided to love and wear them anyway since I don’t live in California. Wink.

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