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Chaos Conquers All

“I don’t usually go to such devious lengths to meet women.” Julian’s eyes twinkled in his serious face.

“Were you devious?” Devious appealed to Helen. She could relate to devious. Maybe he wasn’t as perfect as he seemed. “How?”

“I can’t say. You might think less of me.”

Pride and secrecy. Better and better. “What other character flaws are you hiding?”

“Have dinner with me and find out.”

The two of them seated at a cozy table gazing into each other’s eyes? This was almost as good as the pirate fantasy, except he’d have to keep his shirt on in the restaurant.

“I’ll introduce you to my aunt. She’s curious to know what finally dragged me into her world.”

Oh. He meant the Kessler dinner. She flushed with embarrassment, her fantasy landing with a splat on the marble floor. From the adjacent gallery, voices approached, one of them Godfrey’s—the man who’d given her the job she wanted to keep.

“I can’t stay for the dinner. We were short one seat. Your seat.” Even if her boss allowed her to stay, she couldn’t sit and flirt with Julian, she’d be working.

And he was too distracting. Too tempting. Nothing but trouble.

He tapped a finger to his chin. “Plan A bites the dust. Unexpected, but not insurmountable.” He walked a slow circle around her, and she shivered under his cool gaze. “Time for Plan B.”

“You assign letters to your plans? How many do you have?” She had one plan: Don’t screw up this job. It wasn’t very well thought out or durable. Hell, if he looked at her like that, it might not last the night.

His lips twitched, but he didn’t smile. “I like to keep my scheming organized.”

Maybe her plan should be flexible. “Should I be worried?” Anxiety had never felt so delicious.

He lowered his lips to her ear. “Very,” he whispered.


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